About Property management Aquitaine

Having a house in France is a fantastic property but it also brings with it worries. Who takes care of my house what happens when there are tenants in my house etc. etc.

I have experience with home management so I came up with the idea to set up this website and help homeowners find a good caretaker, handyman or gardener. You can also go here for a professional for any renovation or new construction.

At the moment you can find a property manager for the Dordogne (24) and Lot (46) regions. In the future I will expand the network to the Nouvelle Aquitaine. Property management Aquitaine is a website of Roy Hermans.

Are you a property manager and would you like to join our network click here.

Property Management Aquitaine
Patient street 3
2011 DL Haarlem
Tel: +316-387 35 117
Email address: info@propertymanagementaquitaine.com
Website: www.propertymanagementaquitaine.com